Hear what other mothers are saying about their experience with Theresa Hardy at Nurtured Beginnings.

“I can’t say enough about what Therese has done for me and my family.  I know without a doubt that our baby would have been in the hospital for several days if it weren’t for her identifying a simple problem (tongue tie) that none of the other health care providers noticed.  Thank goodness for Theresa coming to us to work with us, I had not anticipated how difficult breastfeeding would be, and her expertise and encouragement are the reason that I did not give up and put my newborn son on formula.

That first week with a premature baby was terrifying;  and between dealing with jaundice, weight loss, and concern about the baby being re-hospitalized we had enough to worry about.  Theresa came to us and worked with us at home to help make sure breastfeeding got off to a good start.  Because of her help, we overcame the jaundice, gained enough weight to impress the pediatrician and did not have to go back to the hospital!  She also gave me plenty of resources and assistance to make sure I had a good, steady milk supply for the baby.

Every mom should have Theresa work with their new babies.  We all know the benefits of breastfeeding, but when the unexpected happens (and it WILL happen), you want to have the best support person to reassure you and give you and your baby the best start to overcome those scary hurdles.  I can personally say I would not want anyone other than Theresa working with me and my baby, and thanks to her we are all doing great!”

-Jenna M.

“Theresa,Congratulations on your new endeavor!  I was at Christie for Joshua’s 18 month well visit and noticed that you had left.  I’m so happy you created ‘Nurtured Beginnings!’  What a help and blessing it will be for so many mothers!  From Joshua’s tongue tie release to my low milk supply, I truly couldn’t have made it through his first year without you.  I hope many more moms and babies can benefit from your extensive knowledge.

Katie C.”

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