Helping Central Illinois Mothers
achieve their breastfeeding goals
for over 30 years.

a note from a parent

“I just saw on Facebook that you have your own practice now and I thought I would let you know how happy I am to hear that. I just told my husband the other day that, other than sheer will and determination, you are the only reason I continued to breastfeed after the first three weeks. My son was born a little early and had trouble latching, in addition to acid reflux. Nursing was painful, exhausting, and frustrating. When my husband and I visited you, you welcomed our questions and concerns
and put our minds at ease. It was such a relief to know that you would help us with whatever we needed–and that we would be comfortable in the process. I am proud to say that my little man and I are thriving, still breastfeeding at seven months. (I think I may be addicted!) Thank you so much for your work and support. I truly appreciate what you do and will never forget what you did for me and my son.” — Lesli E


Are you overwhelmed with breastfeeding information and advice, but still struggling?

Latch Difficulties?

Are you struggling with latch difficulties, low milk supply, and a fussy baby at the breast?


Is breastfeeding painful?

In person classes!

Knowldege is Power! Attending a breastfeeding class is an excellent way to gain confidence.

Announcing Nurtured Beginnings
In Home Lactation Services

I am a pediatric nurse practitioner/lactation consultant with over 30 years experience in complex breastfeeding challenges. So many times over the years, when their infant falls asleep, contented after a great latch and feeding, mothers have asked me if “I could just go home with them”. The short answer is now “Yes!” I have always believed that the home is the best place to provide lactation support, and I am delighted to be launching home lactation consults for the Central Illinois area!



In Home Consultations

What can you expect?


  • Time to describe the challenges you are experiencing, in your own words
  • Time to discuss your personal goals and hopes for breastfeeding
  • Time to share your pregnancy and birth experience
  • Discussion of your baby’s medical and feeding history
  • Discussion of your breastfeeding history, including any fertility issues, previous breastfeeding experiences, breast surgeries, thyroid or other metabolic issues
  • Assessment of your baby for alertness, hydration, gestational maturity, jaundice, palate and frenulum (tongue-tie), ability to suck, muscle tone, weight changes, etc.
  • Observation of a complete feeding, in your own environment, under normal conditions
  • Discussion and practice with a variety of nursing positions to find what’s most comfortable for you and your baby
  • Evaluation of breastfeeding interventions, such as creams, pillows, cups, pumps, shields
  • A pre- and post-feeding weight with an accurate infant scale, to determine how much milk the baby transfers in a feeding
  • A written care plan that outlines interventions discussed at the home visit, and time to discuss the plan
  • A detailed professional report faxed to your baby’s healthcare provider, usually the same day